Champion Kenpo Karate & Kickboxing, LLC is a full time,professional martial arts school teaching the AmericanKenpo Karate System and the Champion Fighting Systems. The adult classes offer a great workout and the most effective self-defense strategies you’ll find. You will feel better, get into shape and learn how to defend yourself at the same time. Our children’s program is designed to develop strong bodies, a  healthy outlook on life, respect for adults and a champion attitude.

Why Kenpo

American Kenpo Karate is a balanced system of self-defense, utilizing both hands and feet. It incorporates circular and linear movements with the intermittent power where and when needed. This allows the individual to blend with encounters that may occur on the streets today. Movements are natural and easy to learn so the system adapts to the individual’s body, and doesn’t over stress any natural weapon. Emphasis is also placed on logic so the student understands what he or she is learning and then is able to quickly use the appropriate technique for defense in an attack. Kenpo’s best are known for their speed, power, and practical self-defense.

From the very first lesson, the student learns how relatively easy it is to learn. Since the movements are natural, the student begins to formulate self-defense/fighting techniques in the first lesson. Everyone learns at different rates. Knowing this, Sensei Derek encourages the student to learn as much as they can in any one lesson, but to move only at their rate. The student’s development is in relationship to the art, not to other students. Since everyone is built different, students are not asked to use movements that do not suit their own body type. For instance, some students prefer using their feet over their hands and some hands over feet. Sensei Derek will develop the strong points as well as work on the weak points.

Learn From The Best

Sensei Derek Hull was the 2003 National Fighting Champion and  Traditional  Forms Champion and the 2001 National Fighting Champion with the North American Sport Karate Association (NASKA), a 3rd Degree Black Belt member of the Worldwide Kenpo Karate Association, a 3rd Degree Black Belt in Bill “Superfoot” Wallace’s Superfoot System and a 1st Degree Black Belt in  Joe Lewis Fighting Systems.

Sensei Derek has won numerous local, state, and national tournaments and has been a Local Division Champion (North Florida Martial Arts Association) for 4 years. His accomplishments also include being a member of Team USA and competing at the Millennium Games in Sydney, Australia in 2000 and winning a gold medal (1st place) in his sparring division. Sensei Derek has trained with some of America’s top martial arts champions such as Bill “Superfoot” Wallace, Joe Lewis, Dr. Maung Gyi, Tom Kelly, Frank Trejo, Howard Jackson, Don “The Dragon” Wilson, Larry Reinhardt and Kenpo’s own superstar Jeff Speakman (star of The Perfect Weapon).  Training with these martial art champions combined with his tournament experience, Sensei Derek has created the “Champion Fighting Systems”. A unique blend of techniques, ideas, and concepts that have proven to be very successful in karate tournament & full contact competitions for any style of martial artist.

It’s more than just championships and black belt rankings. We prefer to focus on our students. Sensei Derek understands that each student’s individual progress should be the main focus of his attention. That’s why he continues to be a student himself, by taking classes, attending seminars, competing in tournaments and continually working to improve his ability to help our students reach their goals.